Litigation, Mediation or Conversation

No one wants to feel played for the fool, especially not by a family member. But it is not uncommon for serious disputes to arise among family, especially when money and property are involved.

When seeking legal counsel about an intra-family dispute, it is important to understand the following:

  1. You may have a valid legal claim, but litigation is usually NOT quick or inexpensive. Litigation may not be the best first course of action for your situation.
  2. In New York the civil courts require plaintiffs and defendants to make a good faith effort to settle or resolve issues within a case before it can go to trial. Therefore, settlement or informal mediation is an approach that some attorneys might take to try and resolve a case early on.
  3. In reality some intra-family disputes can be alleviated through conversation. It may not be easy, and it might not be instant, but in some situations it is possible to talk things through to a resolution.

If you are at an impasse with your relative(s) regarding property, estate, or business, the Law Office of Isa Abdur-Rahman, PLLC, is available for an initial consultation about options for your situation.