Power of Attorney

Our elders are the crown of the family.  While they are healthy we often feel reluctant to ask our elders if their business affairs are in order, because in a way we feel that it dishonors them.

Looking at it a different way, the younger generation and the older generation honor each other by tending to business matters.  The most basic item to put in place is a Durable Power-of-Attorney.  This document will authorize one or more “agents” (usually family members) to act on behalf of a “principal” (usually an elder family member).

A power-of-attorney can take effect immediately once it is signed and notarized, or it can be written to spring into effect at a later date or only upon the occurrence of a specific event or situation, such as a certain medical diagnosis.  The power-of-attorney may be broad or may be limited for use in particular matters, such as banking or real estate transactions.